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Camouflage Tally Books, Oilfield Camo Tally Book Covers, Full Color Printed Covers
Foil imprinted, screen printed, full color and digital entrapment tally books. Camouflage tally book themes (variety of styles) digitally printed on vinyl covers are offered. Oilfield pipe tally books and refills for the gas and oil industry. Custom tally book covers and printed inserts printed with your company's information. Talley books in board, leatherette, vinyl and leather covers. Call us for a quote today on your custom order of tally book covers and inserts!

Multi Camouflage Tally Books

Camouflage Tally Books
Multiple Camo Covers
Camo Tally Covers
Full color digitally printed tally book covers. 200 center-sewn refill included. Optional spiral-bound refill for an additional 45 cents. Blue faint ruled lines with red divider lines on white paper refill. Variety of camouflage themes for Large (TB37) and Small (TB35) vinyl tally books.

Please email or call us with your specifications (full color camo theme and quantity amount) for camo tally book covers for a prompt and competitive price quote.

Camo Vinyl Tally Book Camo Vinyl Tally Book
Camo Tally Book Example
TB35 (Small Tally Book)
Digitally Printed in Full Color
Camo Theme One
TB37 (Large Tally Book)
Camo Vinyl Tally Book Oil Field Camo Tally Books
Camo Theme Two
For both Large / Small Tally Books
Camo Theme Three
For both Small and Large Vinyl Tally Books
Oil Field Camo Tally Books Oil Field Camo Tally Books
Camo Theme Four
Camouflage Coverage
Camo Theme Five
Large & Small Tally Books
Oil Field Camo Tally Books Camo Pens Available
Check out camouflage ball-point pens
CTBSC499-44 that come with a 1-color imprint.
Camo Theme Six
Full Color Digitally Printed on Covers

Camo Pilot Pens

Camo Ballpoint Pens
$5.23 (200 Min)
Camouflage Click Pens
200-499 500-999 1000-2499 2500-4999 5000+
$5.23 $4.76 $4.18 $3.61 $3.47

Camouflage Ball Point Pens. Durable construction. Comfortable rubber grip. Sturdy spring clip. Retractable and re-loadable ball point ink. Medium tip pens. Pens are offered in Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force patterns.

0.8" × 0.5" × 7.2"
Includes a 1-Color Imprint
Set-Up Fee Charges: $25.00
Camouflage Patterns:
Quantity Amt:

Set-up fee will be added to
your shopping cart shipping fee.

Tally Book Pricing Sheet

Oil & Pipe Tally Books with Refills
8 1/4" × 3 3/4" 100 250 500 1000 2500
1-Color Foil Stamp $3.59 $2.85 $2.37 $2.22 $2.12
1-Color Screen Print $4.18 $3.35 $2.75 $2.49 $2.28
2-Color Screen Print $5.49 $3.65 $2.99 $2.68 $2.48
Full Color on Vinyl $5.89 $3.84 $3.18 $2.88 $2.66
Full Color Entrapments – Front $5.69 $3.84 $3.18 $2.88 $2.66
Full Color Entrapments – Front & Back $5.85 $3.99 $3.34 $3.03 $2.81
6" × 3 3/4" 100 250 500 1000 2500
1-Color Foil Stamp $3.49 $2.77 $2.34 $2.19 $2.03
1-Color Screen Print $4.14 $3.29 $2.69 $2.43 $2.21
2-Color Screen Print $5.44 $3.59 $2.94 $2.62 $2.41
Full Color on Vinyl $5.69 $3.79 $3.14 $2.84 $2.63
Full Color Entrapments – Front $5.49 $3.79 $3.14 $2.84 $2.63
Full Color Entrapments – Front & Back $5.75 $3.94 $3.29 $2.99 $2.78

Prices Include All Set-Ups.
Each cover comes with a stock 200 page center-sewn insert; Add $0.45 for each spiral-bound vs. center-sewn insert,
or $0.60 for a 140-page center-sewn water-resistant paper insert.

Foil-stamp imprints on front cover only. Imprint area up to 8 square inches. Standard die charge is $65.00. Screen imprints may include copy on outside front and back cover at prices shown above. Shipping Weight Approx. 45 lbs per 100 units, FOB: Sidney, NY 13838. Add $0.18 for additional imprint on inside pockets plus a $48.00 screen charge.

Stock Cover Colors: Black, White, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Burgundy and Red — all with clear inside pockets. Custom Colors are available on quantities of 1,000 or more.

Blank Unimprinted Stock Covers With 1-Refill are available at $2.00 (no minimums); 200-Page Center-Sewn Paper Refills (small/large) are available at $0.99 each, Spiral-Bound Refills are $1.49 each and Center-Sewn Graph Paper Refills are $1.00 each.

Foil-Stamped/Screen-Printed: Board, leatherette and vinyl tally book covers can all be customized with unique foil-stamped designs. Stock board colors include black, white, oatmeal, buff, cream, patriot blue, sapphire blue, navy, jade, garnet, deep purple, spruce, felt gray, lemon, rich brown and oak brown. Leatherette covers are available in wine, taupe, cocoa, metallic silver, navy, red, teal, soft green and periwinkle.

Full Color printed on Vinyl: Full-color photos, designs and artwork can be printed on white vinyl tally book covers or on paper for sealing in digital entrapments.

Full Color Digital Entrapments: Full color artwork of technical drawings, line art, graduations, logos, etc printed on paper can be sealed in a digital entrapment tally book. Have your company's logo, technical data, safety data, etc are heat-sealed in a clear protective vinyl overlay, with the vinyl base stock are available in a variety of colors. Firm board backings make are tallybooks sturdy and durable.

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